What To Do If a Dog Bites You

If a dog bites you, here is what you should do immediately:

Seek medical attention.

Dogs can carry serious diseases and harmful bacteria that can do more damage than just bite wounds. Even if you believe that the bite wound itself is not that serious, you should still seek medical attention to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate treatment to protect yourself from transmissible diseases like rabies. A hospital will have protocol in place to provide you with the treatment needed for your specific bite.

Notify animal control.

You might not want the dog or its owner to get into any trouble, but notifying animal control is a must. Animal control will obtain vaccination history and records on the dog to ensure that you are medically safe and protected. Animal control often will quarantine the dog and keep it for testing until the medical staff notifies them that you are healthy and the dog is safe to release.

Get a report.

Animal control will also create a report of the incident. This is helpful if you need to make a legal insurance claim for your injuries. The report also might protect others in your neighborhood from future dog bites by putting the owner on notice that the dog is dangerous, has a history of biting, and they are required to take steps to protect others in the community.

Monitor the wound healing.

The wound might heal in a few days, but the scarring might take weeks, months, or even years to heal. If you believe that the scarring is not healing, seek out the advice of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can advise you on which creams or ointments to use on the scar. In some cases, surgery is required to repair or lighten the scarring. These medical expenses can add up quickly, and you might need a lawyer to ensure that the bills are paid, and you are protected.

Speak to a lawyer.

No one wants to file a lawsuit or bring an insurance claim against their neighbor, but you must do what is necessary to protect yourself, your livelihood, and your family. Rabies shots can cost thousands of dollars and often are not covered by health insurance. You should not be responsible for those out-of-pocket costs. An experienced lawyer can gather all the information needed for you to bring a successful claim and present that claim to the insurance company. If the insurance company fails to offer you a fair settlement, that experienced lawyer can fight for you in court.

Dog bites require immediate action. Never assume that the wound will heal on its own or that the neighbor or dog owner will do the right thing. Bringing a successful dog bite case is challenging and requires a lawyer with experience handling these specific types of cases. If you would like to speak to someone about a dog bite case, please give us a call today. Time is not on your side. The sooner you call our team, the better we can preserve critical evidence to protect your legal claim.

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