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The Top Five Car Accident Mistakes Made By Our Clients

When you suffered an injury and have a personal injury case, don’t make these five simple car accident mistakes that can ruin your case.  Personal injury cases are complicated, and you cannot do a Google search and learn everything you need to know about our legal system.  Unfortunately, many people believe that they can run a quick internet search and handle their own personal injury case, but most clients end up damaging their case by not speaking with our law

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Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer at the Coker Accident Lawyers
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What Happens if Something is Left Inside You After Surgery?

If a surgical instrument, cloth, or item is left inside you after surgery, you almost always have a valid case for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is a type of legal case where a doctor, nurse, or hospital failed to meet the standard of care. This means that the medical provider failed to take appropriate steps to make sure that surgical procedure was a success. What are counting procedures? Surgical centers and their employees are required to have counting procedures in

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What To Do If a Dog Bites You

If a dog bites you, here is what you should do immediately: Seek medical attention. Dogs can carry serious diseases and harmful bacteria that can do more damage than just bite wounds. Even if you believe that the bite wound itself is not that serious, you should still seek medical attention to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate treatment to protect yourself from transmissible diseases like rabies. A hospital will have protocol in place to provide you with

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The Coker Accident Lawyers fight for apartment shooting victims.
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Can Shooting Victims Bring a Lawsuit?

Shooting victims have legal rights and can bring a lawsuit for their medical bills and pain and suffering. Shooting victims can bring three different types of lawsuits: (1) a lawsuit against the shooter, (2) a negligent security case against the owner of the property where the shooting occurred, and (3) a possible negligence case against the owner of the gun. Lawsuits against the shooter. If the identity of the shooter is known, the shooting victim can bring a case against

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Coker Accident Lawyer
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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Pedestrian Accident?

You can settle your pedestrian accident case immediately after the incident, but you will likely be settling your case for far less than it is worth. Insurance companies are trained to offer quick, low-ball settlements before an injured person speaks to a lawyer and fully understands the severity of the injuries or the length of time needed for treatment. Injured pedestrian victims are wise to hire an attorney and wait for their treatment to conclude before ever settling with an

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