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Whether in a crosswalk or parking lot, pedestrians usually have the right of way.

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Searching for an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

In Georgia, pedestrians almost always have the right of way when in a crosswalk – especially when the pedestrian is obeying any WALK signals. But cases get more complicated when a pedestrian is not in a crosswalk or not crossing with the traffic light. Even pedestrians outside of crosswalks still have rights, and an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer understands the correct arguments to make to protect pedestrian victims after a collision.

Understanding Your Rights as a Pedestrian.

Walking is encouraged because it cuts down on pollution, helps local businesses, and makes our communities more vibrant. Unfortunately, drivers often are distracted, and pedestrian collisions can happen leading to devastating injuries or even death. Therefore, Georgia has laws aimed at protecting any pedestrian crossing a street. The most protections are given to pedestrians in crosswalks, but Georgia law also protects pedestrians outside of crosswalks when the pedestrian has “established himself or herself in the roadway” and the driver should have seen the pedestrian and avoided the collision.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for My Pedestrian Accident?

Most people (and most lawyers) lack the knowledge needed to successfully settle a pedestrian accident case. The law is too complex, and the specific facts matter. Facts like the color of the clothing that the pedestrian was wearing, whether it is day or night, or the attentiveness of the driver. A great pedestrian accident lawyer will subpoena a driver’s phone records to determine whether the driver was on his or her phone at the time of the collision. Distracted drivers on their cellphone are the number one cause of pedestrian related accidents. Even if the driver was not distracted, a strong pedestrian accident lawyer can use their knowledge and experience to prove that the driver should have seen the pedestrian given the circumstances.

Why Choose the Coker Accident Lawyers for Your Pedestrian Collision Case?

At the Coker Accident Lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate Georgia’s complicated pedestrian laws. Our pedestrian accident lawyers understand how to take the specific facts of your case and apply them to the law to put you in the best position to win your case. We understand how to collect vehicle data from the “black box” recorder which can tell us the exact speed of the driver at the time of the impact. Further, we have connections at the city, county, and state departments of transportation who can provide us light sequencing information about any traffic lights or WALK signals in the area to determine that all traffic lights were functioning properly and should have been seen by the driver.

When Should I Call the Coker Accident Lawyers After My Pedestrian Accident?

We need to investigate the incident scene as soon as possible. Critical evidence like tire marks, surveillance video footage, and witnesses can disappear if too much time elapses before you speak to an experienced lawyer. The exact location of the impact between the vehicle and pedestrian matters. Moving the location even two or three feet can put the pedestrian outside of the crosswalk and cause the pedestrian to lose their case. Our incident response team can respond to the incident scene immediately to document the exact location of the impact before this evidence is destroyed either intentionally or unintentionally, providing our pedestrian accident lawyers with critical data that can make all the difference in your case.

The Coker Accident Lawyer Difference: Empowerment Through Investigation.

Choosing the right pedestrian accident lawyer makes all the difference in your pedestrian accident case. Insurance companies can tell which lawyers are serious threats and which law firms will send a single letter with no real follow-up or investigation. If you make the mistake of calling a high-volume personal injury law firm you saw on TV or on a billboard, you can bet that firm will not conduct the investigation needed to win your case. Even if you decide to fire that lawyer or law firm later, it might be too late if no investigation was performed. At our firm, we promise a complete a thorough investigation tailored to fit the specific needs of your case. We also promise that we will communicate with you and answer your questions every step of the way.

The Benefits of Hiring the Coker Accident Lawyers:

Pedestrian Case Experience. In pedestrian cases, the number one defense is to blame the victim. We have seen all the arguments and we know how to counter them to push for a successful settlement.

A Complete Investigation. Sadly, we see that most pedestrian accident lawyers are not willing to spend the money needed to thoroughly investigate, photograph, and retain critical evidence. We spare no expense in our pursuit of justice for you in your case.

Skilled Negotiators. Our team will not be pushed around by insurance adjusters or their lawyers who will blame the victim and downplay the severity of your injuries. Our team of strong negotiators knows their secret tactics and will not fall for their games.

Strong Courtroom Advocacy. We know that you do not want to go to court, if at all possible, but if your case needs a trial, you know that you have the right team on your side. Our six and seven figure verdicts show that we are proven advocates.

Steps to Take When You are the Victim of a Pedestrian Collision:

  1. Call 9-1-1. You should get a police report and a medical response team if anyone suffered injuries. Getting a police report will protect you in the event the other driver changes their story.
  2. Take Pictures. Pictures showing the location of the impact, the crosswalk, or the intersection can be critical evidence in your case. Skid marks, broken vehicle parts, and bodily fluid on the roadway can help place people and vehicles in their proper locations.
  3. Get Video Footage. Visit local businesses to see if they have any video camera footage which might have been captured in the incident. If so, ask them if they can show you the video footage and record a video of the footage on the screen using your phone.
  4. Call an Experienced Lawyer. If the case is serious, do not mess around with a lawyer with a catchy TV slogan. Call an experienced lawyer who has the resources and the skills to fight for every penny that you deserve.

Boost Your Legal Team with the Coker Accident Lawyers

If we can help discuss your pedestrian accident case, or if we can give you information on starting an investigation to preserve your evidence, give us a call. We offer a free consultation and no fees unless we win your case. Contact our pedestrian accident lawyers today to preserve your legal rights.

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