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Lawyer Contingency Fees for Personal Injury Cases Explained

With our firm, you will pay nothing out of your pocket for your attorneys’ fees for your accident or injury case — period. We take all of our injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we take a percentage of the settlement or jury verdict and there is no fee unless you win or collect.

Our lawyer contingency fees are based on the amount of time and effort that is needed to bring each different type of case. For some cases, the amount of the lawyer contingency fee rises when we file a lawsuit simply because the significant increase in the amount of work required for litigated cases. Remember, however, that you as the client have complete control of the case and make the final decision to file a lawsuit or settle pre-suit. We have long conversations with each of our clients about whether or not a lawsuit and increased legal fees are in their best interest.

For your convenience, our lawyer contingency fees for our personal injury and wrongful death cases are explained below. Please note that the following fees are merely estimates, and although the figures represent the general lawyer contingency fees our firm charges for certain types of cases, the amount agreed upon and reflected in the attorney-client fee contract will govern the settlement distribution. Traditionally, our lawyer contingency fees have been comparable to, if not cheaper than, other attorneys practicing personal injury in Metro Atlanta, and we believe that they are more than reasonable given our firm’s reputation and results:

  • Car and Truck Accident Cases: 1/3 if settled before suit is filed and 40 percent thereafter
  • Slip and Falls/Property Liability: 40 percent flat fee
  • Dog Bites: 40 percent flat fee
  • Medical Malpractice: 40 percent if settled before suit is filed and 45 percent thereafter

Please note that the State Bar of Georgia requires that we state that lawyer contingency fees are not permitted in all types of cases. “No fee unless you win or collect” or “nothing out of your pocket” only refers to the lawyer contingency fees. Court costs and other legal expenses must be paid by the client, but our firm is willing to cover the court costs and legal expenses to be paid from the settlement or jury verdict. For more information, please see our firm’s disclaimer.

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