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Do You Need a Top Personal Injury or Car Accident Lawyer in or around Barrow County, Georgia?

Personal injury cases and car accident cases are relatively common occurrences in Barrow County, Georgia, as they are in many communities across the United States. Barrow County, while predominantly rural, has its share of roadways, including State Routes 316 and 81, where traffic accidents can happen, ranging from minor incidents to more severe collisions.

In personal injury cases, individuals who have suffered harm due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions seek legal remedies and compensation. This category encompasses a wide range of incidents, including slip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, and more. Residents of Barrow County who find themselves victims of such incidents often rely on experienced personal injury attorneys to help them navigate the legal complexities involved. These attorneys assist in seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, ensuring that their clients’ rights are protected.

Car accident cases are a significant subset of personal injury cases in Barrow County. They typically involve issues related to driver negligence, such as distracted driving, speeding, or driving under the influence. Barrow County law enforcement and emergency responders play a crucial role in investigating these accidents and ensuring that those responsible are held accountable. Victims of car accidents in Barrow County turn to the Coker Accident Lawyers to help them assess liability, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, pursue legal action to secure compensation for property damage, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and emotional distress.

While Barrow County may have a more rural character compared to larger metropolitan areas, personal injury and car accident cases remain significant legal concerns. In such cases, the Coker team helps residents of Barrow County understand their rights, navigate the legal system, and work to secure fair and just compensation in accordance with Georgia’s laws and regulations.

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David EstrellaDavid Estrella
14:43 21 Jun 24
Working with Alea was great and trustworthy! Definitely will recommend anyone to Alea .
Nicole QuinonesNicole Quinones
14:30 21 Jun 24
Highly recommend due to the amazing staff. Had questions and spoke with Alea. She was very knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service and was able to point me in the right direction. Although I didn’t need to use there services this time around, I would recommend this office to anyone I know. Thank you for answering my million and one questions.
Michael QuinonesMichael Quinones
11:55 21 Jun 24
I called this law office after an incident and they guided me through the process. Very helpful and professional. I definitely recommend!
Ayanna ScottAyanna Scott
00:59 21 Jun 24
I called Coker to see if I had a case but unfortunately no. However I was impressed by the professionalism and courtesy I was given by Alea. Because of this experience if I need a lawyer I will call them!
Danette SteeleDanette Steele
23:59 20 Jun 24
I called in to get some information about this law firm. I spoke to Alea and she was very helpful. She explained what type of cases Coker Accident Lawyers handles and was very detailed and thorough. Thank you Alea for being so kind. They don’t handle the type of case I have but if I ever need them in the future I will be sure to use them.
Luis LorduyLuis Lorduy
23:32 20 Jun 24
I would recommend anyone to go to Coker accident lawyers, the staff is incredible helpful and professional while also still treating you like family. 10/10 go to these guys!!!
21:05 20 Jun 24
I have had the pleasure of knowing Alea personally, and should I ever be involved in an accident, I would undoubtedly turn to Coker Accident Lawyers. The staff there is exceptionally helpful and caring.On one occasion, I contacted the law office to inquire about a potential case. Although it turned out that I did not have a case, the staff was extremely helpful and provided valuable guidance. I highly recommend their services.
Alan FernandezAlan Fernandez
18:37 20 Jun 24
If I were ever in an accident I would go to Coker accident lawyers. The staff is extremely helpful and caring. I called the law office once to get some information to see if I had a case, I did not however the staff was extremely helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I would recommend working with them!
Stephanie HallStephanie Hall
16:46 20 Jun 24
“I personally know Alea and if I were ever in an accident I would go to Coker accident lawyers, the staff is extremely helpful and caring”
Virgilio BonifacioVirgilio Bonifacio
20:16 16 Jun 24
Alea helped alot wonderful service
Byronne ReyesByronne Reyes
16:03 15 Jun 24
“I personally know Alea and if I were ever in an accident I would go to Coker accident lawyers, the staff is extremely helpful and caring”
Mike CyphersMike Cyphers
21:55 13 Jun 24
Great work .. always checked on me and in with me like clock work. highly recommend.
James BeardJames Beard
01:50 06 Jun 24
Thay are a great attorneys. So if you need some one too get the job done it's them. Thay got my car reck done in less than a year. !!!
Edward KirklandEdward Kirkland
18:12 05 Jun 24
Angie AinsworthAngie Ainsworth
17:31 05 Jun 24
The team at R. Michael Coker were the best. It was a very easy process from the day of my accident all the way to the end. They did exactly what was explained to me and even helped with finding the right kind of doctor to treat my injuries. I’m so glad I made the decision to trust them with my case.
Carol PorterCarol Porter
17:26 05 Jun 24
Awesome staff and helpful team members. Happy to have went with them.
Alicia HittAlicia Hitt
17:25 05 Jun 24
They handled mine and my daughter’s car accident case very professionally and in a timely manner. I am very pleased with them and would recommend them to everyone I know who needs an accident lawyer.
Shambria ErbyShambria Erby
09:45 26 May 24
I must say that the Law office of Michael Coker is outstanding! The entire team was absolutely amazing. They worked diligently on my case to get the best outcome and I was more than satisfied with the results. Samantha Ball and Megen Davis were very professional and had lots of patience with me especially considering this was my very first accident and I was confused on how the entire process worked. However, they made sure that no question was left unanswered. If you’re looking for and accident attorney the Law office of Michael Coker is the place to call.
Eddie PerezEddie Perez
17:14 21 May 24
Attorney Coker and his team of professionals are always working for you ! From the start to the finish they were on top of their game 100%. I had zero issues with my case and I trusted in them to guide me through the process. It does take time to get the final result but it is well worth it with this team ! I wouldn’t have it no other way , attorney Coker and his staff is always a big WIN ! Thank you !
Mason BodifordMason Bodiford
21:23 12 May 24
Overall a great firm and a great experience!
21:12 12 May 24
Michael and his team go over and beyond to get you the settlement you deserve. Super friendly and helpful throughout the whole process.
Eddie PerezEddie Perez
11:56 08 May 24
Nancy BishopNancy Bishop
15:24 30 Apr 24
Office staff is very nice!
Diamond CharnaeDiamond Charnae
21:28 26 Apr 24
I love Law Offices of R. Michael Coker. Everybody was great and very nice. They helped me get what I deserved after my wreck. I highly recommend them if your looking for a great accident lawyer!
Gabriel WilliamsGabriel Williams
00:26 23 Apr 24
Layla AliengenaLayla Aliengena
23:24 19 Apr 24
Magen always makes sure to communicate well and goes above and beyond the expectation.
Linda OrtunoLinda Ortuno
16:48 18 Apr 24
Highly recommend if you have been in an accident. Maegan and all the team at Coker Law are very professional individuals who truly care about their clients and their needs. They are always very responsive.
Deborah OrosDeborah Oros
12:36 13 Apr 24
Excellent!!! Kept me informed. Professional. Took a personal interest. Honest. Highly recommend!!!
This is an awesome Law Firm. The lawyers are about their business and I highly recommend. Thank you Samantha!!!!
Lacole FlemisterLacole Flemister
02:15 19 Jan 24
The only experience/interactions I have with working with a lawyer is purchasing a home with my husband through a realtor. When I needed a personal injury lawyer, I was wary of choosing a lawyer that would be a good fit or really give his or her best effort. I knew that I did not want to select a TV lawyer, so I read the reviews of the lawyers within a certain distance of my home and had a significant number of reviews. The Coker Law Firm provided exceptional service from the first phone call, to the email updates, and explaining the process along the way. I never thought I would need lawyer, but this law firm proved they are top tier, and you need people in your corner that actually understand the law. Thank you- Michael, Jenna, and Magen. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
Lacey StaffordLacey Stafford
18:44 05 Dec 23
guiden hawkinsguiden hawkins
05:09 05 Dec 23
Prompt & excellent service, I highly recommend this law firm to everyone!
Candice LangeCandice Lange
18:01 11 Nov 23
The best! Would use them again. My settlement was fair and $25k more than expected. They reduced the medical fees, knew state benefits, pleasant to work with, quick response to questions, and made my healing less stressful. Thank you!
Morgan VaethMorgan Vaeth
19:44 26 Oct 23
Handled my case with care every step of the way and in a timely manner! Would recommend 10/10
Jonathan TubbsJonathan Tubbs
02:27 07 Oct 23
Overall, a great experience. The entire staff was amazing the entire process. I highly recommend. Thank you.
Candace JohnsonCandace Johnson
06:27 02 Oct 23
I was dealing with a car accident injusy case with another attorney previously to retaining Mr. Coker for almost 3 years and the case was going absolutely nowhere. My original attorney and I parted ways and I thought all was lost due to her mishandlings of my case. I was referred to Mr. Coker by the Georgia Bar Association, and as I sit here writing this today, which ust so happens to be the exact same day Mr. Coker closed my case, I couldn't be more thrilled, thankful, and blessed! Due to his hard work, knowledge, and incredibly expansive expertise in dealing with insurance companies it took him literally less than a year to have none other than State Farm, of all insurance companies to fight with, pay out the maximum allowed on their insured's policy. I couldn't be more grateful for him and his hard work, and I couldn't be more blessed to have been referred to him and have the pleasure of working with him!! If you get in an auto accident and want an honest and hard working attorney who knows the ins and outs AND all the tricks the insurance companies will pull. Someone who will fight for you no matter what the obstacle may be, Mr. Coker is the attorney for the job!! He did an amazing job for my case and I only wish I had met him sooner, but still grateful I met him at all!
B MorrisB Morris
19:12 27 Sep 23
Ellen PetersonEllen Peterson
15:39 14 Sep 23
Everyone at the Coker Law office was professional, welcoming, and helped me through a very trying time in my life.
Patricia NeelyPatricia Neely
20:02 22 Aug 23
I am so grateful for all the help that Samantha had given me from my accident. The professionalism and integrity was beyond outstanding. Her counsel and progress updates were invaluable. And if that wasn’t enough she is just a very nice individual that brought so much peace in knowing that she is one that excels in her career. My gratitude knows no bounds to her, R Michael Coker, and their valuable team. I have been and always will refer you from experiencing firsthand your excellence.
Tinaa MilanTinaa Milan
18:23 24 Jul 23
Thank you to attorneys Michael Coker, Samantha ball & staff. They kept me informed every step on my case. I was beyond pleased with the outcome and settlement. I will definitely return if I need an attorney in the future. - Jordan Bussey
Steve KelleySteve Kelley
17:06 14 Jul 23
Couldn't be more pleased with my decision to go with Coker law firm. They handled everything and over exceeded my expectations of my settlement. Highly recommended
Alondra SanchezAlondra Sanchez
02:57 04 Jun 23
Quick and easy! Samantha and her team took care of everything for me and they explained all the steps being taken as well as keeping me in the loop of what was going on. Thank you Samantha !
biodun fbiodun f
20:38 30 May 23
Nice staff
JayvKillerInk kJayvKillerInk k
14:37 25 May 23
Friendly, Compliant, and Hard working!! Your going to love this team, I would highly recommend to anyone!!!
Dr. Terrie BucknerDr. Terrie Buckner
18:53 10 May 23
Michael Coker and his team are the best! They kept us informed every step of the way and were able to get the maximum settlement possible. This is a top notch law firm.
Pedro CastanedaPedro Castaneda
04:07 20 Jan 23
You want someone who knows how to get the most out of your case? Then you need to hire Mr. Coker and his team of professionals. My case took a little over two years to settle, but man was it worth the wait! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the amazing work this law firm puts out. Great people, great communication, and most importantly you get your moneys worth. They’re with you every step of the way and will never leave you in the dark!
Stephanie BaseemahStephanie Baseemah
21:16 06 Dec 22
The Coker Law Firm is the best. They are very professional and will work hard to get you the maximum for your case. Everyone there was very patient with me during the process. They are also very compassionate and caring. Someone from the office called and checked on my often after I had surgery. That meant a lot to me. I felt like family and not just another case for them. I highly recommend their firm for your legal needs. They will work hard on your behalf.Respectfully,Stephanie Baseemah

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