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Searching for an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer?

Truck accidents involving 18 wheelers are not normal car accident cases. These large trucks cause serious injuries that can change your life and the life of your family in an instant. Most attorneys want truck wreck cases because they are big cases, but few understand how to handle truck accident cases and their true value. A fake truck accident lawyer once said, “How do you get a million-dollar settlement? Settle a five-million-dollar truck wreck case.” Don’t fall victim to one of these imposter truck accident law firms and leave negotiations with less compensation than you deserve.

How Do You Spot a Real Truck Wreck Lawyer?

A real truck wreck lawyer understands the most critical evidence and why it is important. Our law firm understands how to gather critical information from the Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and from SAFERSYS, an electronic database maintained by most trucking companies. Most imposter truck accident lawyers have never heard of these organizations and do not understand how their data could be critical in winning your case. Federal law requires all trucking companies complete important inspection reports, maintain a qualifications file on their drivers, and a collision register on the trucking company. If your truck accident lawyer does not know the difference between an OmniTRAC and a Qualcomm system, or the difference between QTRACS or TrailerTRACS, it’s time to call the Coker Accident Lawyers.

Don’t Let Your Case Get Referred Out to Another Law Firm.

Most lawyers who advertise that they handle truck accident cases just refer the case to another law firm with more experience. In this referral situation, you as the client are paying two law firms for the case instead of one. At our firm, you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case, and our in-house truck accident lawyers team handles your file directly. We are not going to refer your case to another truck accident lawyer who will provide you with little communication or updates about your case. At the Coker Accident Lawyers, you will have access to our truck accident team, who you can contact directly. Your questions and concerns will be addressed immediately.

Our Warning: You are Already an Injury Victim, Don’t Also Get Scammed.

Did you know that most truck accident companies have a 24-hour incident response team that attempts to trick you into taking a low-ball settlement and leaves you with thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills? We have seen it. Trust us to protect you from the trucking company predators who prey on innocent victims like you to maximize their corporate profits. Only an experienced truck accident lawyer like the team at the Coker Accident Lawyers can give you the peace of mind that you need to ensure that you and your family are protected.

Why Trust the Coker Accident Lawyers?

Personalized Representation. Every truck accident case is different and requires a different plan of action. When no two cases are the same, you need a creative lawyer that can respond to every attack from the trucking company and their lawyers.

Powerful Resources. Truck accident lawsuits are expensive and time consuming. Most lawyers lack the financial resources and staff to adequately handle truck accident cases. Without a lawyer who can go toe to toe with the trucking company financially, you risk an undervalued personal injury settlement in your case.

Truck Industry Knowledge. Our years of experience handling truck accident cases and our dedicated truck accident lawyers understand what is needed to win your case. Let our years of experience work for you by adding real value to your claim.

Aggressive Negotiations. Truck accident defense lawyers are different than most normal insurance lawyers. Their blunt and aggressive tactics can scare most lawyers who do not understand when it is appropriate to call their bluff. When you have a lawyer that can aggressively and ethically respond, the trucking insurance company knows they must play by the rules.

Our Promise to You: Communication and Commitment.

At the Coker Accident Lawyers, we know that you only have one shot at getting your case right. You don’t get to try again if you select the wrong lawyer to represent you. Although we believe that we are the best lawyer for your case, we know that you could have chosen many lawyers to represent you. Our promise to you is that we will remain fully committed to maximizing your settlement and will provide you with the regular communication you need to make informed and educated decisions in the litigation process. Our success is your success, and we can achieve it together.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. We Let Our Former Clients and Results Do the Talking.

Visit our website and read our reviews of your neighbors who hired the Coker Accident Lawyers to handle their truck accident case. Our former clients are our biggest fans. You will hear from others just like you who trusted us with their case and said that hiring the Coker Accident Lawyers was the best decision that they made. We want to earn your trust, and our results and outcomes speak for themselves.

Contact Us Now to Protect Your Family from the Trucking Insurance Company.

If we can help you with a trucking accident case, we want you to call us now. The sooner you contact us to learn more in a free consultation, the better the chance of winning your trucking case. There is no shame in protecting your family after a serious trucking accident by hiring a lawyer. We charge no fee unless we win, and we would be honored to share our knowledge of trucking cases with you in a free consultation.

Our Recent Truck Accident Experience and Results:

  • $750,000.00 Commercial Truck Accident Settlement
  • $50,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement
  • $300,000.00 Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement
  • $1,000,000.00 Tractor Trailer Settlement
  • $490,000 Commercial Box Truck Settlement
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