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Georgia Car Accident Laws

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Michael Coker

The Top Five Car Accident Mistakes Made By Our Clients

When you suffered an injury and have a personal injury case, don’t make these five simple car accident mistakes that can ruin your case.  Personal injury cases are complicated, and you cannot do a Google search and learn everything you need to know about our legal system.  Unfortunately, many people believe that they can run a quick internet search and handle their own personal injury case, but most clients end up damaging their case by not speaking with our law

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$145,000.00 Barrow County Trial Win For Our Injured Client

Our $145,000.00 recent Barrow County trial win is a testament to the exceptional skill and dedication of the attorneys at Coker Accident Lawyers. We prevailed against daunting odds, leveraging our experience and knowledge to secure a successful outcome for our client, Ronda Capes. Ms. Capes’ case presented unique challenges, including pre-existing conditions and attempts by the defense to minimize her medical expenses. However, our attorneys skillfully navigated these obstacles with confidence and determination. In opening statements, Samantha eloquently portrayed Ms.

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Meet the Team: Attorney Samantha Ball – An Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

Attorney Samantha Ball joined the Coker Accident Lawyers in early 2023. Samantha has a passion for the legal system and started working at a law firm right out of high school by answering phones. She went on to graduate law school in 2016 and started practicing law in 2017. She is a member of the Gwinnett Bar Association and has been named one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Lawyers under 40.   In her time off, Samantha loves

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Understanding Our Fee Structure: A Guide for Potential Clients

This infographic provides a clear and easy to understand explanation of the fee structure for the Coker Accident Lawyers for personal injury cases: Download the full PDF by clicking here. Key Takeaways: There is no out-of-pocket cost to you if we take your case. You pay us nothing if we do not recover for you at the end of the case. We charge 1/3 (33%) of the settlement if you agree to settle before filing a lawsuit. Our fee percentage

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Georgia Car Accident Laws

I routinely get asked about Georgia car accident laws. More and more often, police are refusing to assign fault for automobile collisions. This means that the injured are often left having to fight insurance companies after an accident for which they know they were not at fault. I never advise a client to proceed without an attorney after an accident, particularly when liability or the cause of the accident are in dispute. The insurance company will look for any reason

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