What are some examples of drunk driver settlements?

Drunk driver settlements can vary based on a few different factors. Many of these factors affect the amount of punitive damages that are awarded in a settlement. Punitive damages are extra money awarded to the victim to punish the drunk driver and deter them from ever driving drunk again.

Every settlement is going to depend on the amount of the other driver’s insurance policy. Here are some of the most common items which can impact the value of the settlement with the drunk driver’s insurance company and some examples of how much they can affect the amount of the settlement:

How intoxicated was the drunk driver?

In Georgia, police departments administer breathalyzer and blood tests to determine the blood alcohol content of an impaired driver. The legal limit in Georgia is .08. The severity of the driver’s blood alcohol content is going to be a big factor in determining the settlement amount. The insurance company is going to argue that blood alcohol content near the legal limit is not as serious as one, two, three, or even four times that amount.

Examples of DUI settlements with high blood alcohol content: $25,000; $175,000; $250,000.

How serious was the impact of the accident?

Sadly, when a driver is completely impaired, their reaction time is severely inhibited. This level of inebriation can cause a person to proceed through an intersection on a red light or rear-end a vehicle without ever touching the brakes. A severe impact is direct evidence of significant intoxication and will again increase the amount of the settlement. A serve impact is also much more likely to cause injuries to innocent victims who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Examples of DUI settlements with serious impacts: $50,000; $100,000; $350,000.

How seriously were you hurt?

Obviously, the more serious your injuries, the more likely a jury is going to be angry and want to punish the drunk driver so that this never happens again. Jurors naturally place themselves or their family in the position of the victim. Most jurors do not want to ever see the DUI driver driving intoxicated on the road again because they do not want to be the next victim. They will send a strong message and want to protect themselves and others in the community.

Examples of DUI settlements with serious injuries: 2x medical bills; 4x medical bills; 6x medical bills.

How many DUIs has this driver received before?

When a driver has their first DUI, many insurance companies will view this as a minor lapse in judgement. When the driver has three or four prior DUI charges, insurance companies understand that they have a repeat violator, and a jury will not look favorably upon that individual in court. The more DUIs a driver has on their record, the higher the punitive damages award is generally. An experienced lawyer can run a criminal search on the other driver to determine how many DUIs the other driver has received and can advise you on how those prior charges might affect your case.

Examples of DUI settlements with multiple DUI charges: $250,000; $100,000; $75,000.

Does it make sense for me to hire a lawyer to negotiate my DUI accident settlement?

Every case is different, so it depends on the facts of your specific case. Our team is trained and experienced helping victims of DUI driving accidents and we are here to see if it makes sense for you to hire a DUI accident lawyer

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