Understanding Our Fee Structure: A Guide for Potential Clients

This infographic provides a clear and easy to understand explanation of the fee structure for the Coker Accident Lawyers for personal injury cases:

Our fee structure - a guide for potential clients

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no out-of-pocket cost to you if we take your case.
  • You pay us nothing if we do not recover for you at the end of the case.
  • We charge 1/3 (33%) of the settlement if you agree to settle before filing a lawsuit.
  • Our fee percentage increases to 40% if you decide to file a lawsuit in your case.
  • 90% of our cases settle without the need to file a lawsuit.
  • Our firm is also reimbursed for case expenses from the final settlement.
  • The case expenses amount is usually low without a lawsuit (generally $200-300).
  • The expenses are much greater if you choose to file a lawsuit ($5,000-10,000+).
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